N. Shore

Writer, editor, and biography writer for entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and other inspired voices.

The biographies I write are human-centred. They are not stylized lists of accomplishments and qualifications: they are written versions of the story you tell the world through your art, your business, and your everyday actions.

How it works:

You and I schedule an interview so I can get to know your story. I’ll send you a first draft of your bio within a week, at which point 2-3 rounds of edits will take place at a pace that suits your schedule.


40 cents per word + $50 flat rate for interview.

You can choose the length of your bio ahead of time - typically between 200 and 800 words.

Once it’s finished:

You can use your biography however, wherever, and whenever you like - including on grant applications, and as web content.

I offer a range of other writing and editing services. Please contact me to inquire.


A selection of biographies by N. Shore


Business Sisters

“Businesses can be looked at more organically: as a living, breathing extension of ourselves.”

Doreen Ashton Wagner

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